A totally different person, Jablonce, shows after the winter break,
having significantly improved her image. In the three games he has given
so far, all for the championship counts as many victories. On Saturday,
Petre Radhas team was hosted by Fastasz Zlin, where he won a comfortable
0-4 win. He thus reached 30 points and is in sixth place, four degrees
away from the four. Six wins, two draws and two defeats in its home
match in league and cup games. In the previous rounds, he left outside
Giskra Mseno (1-4), Victoria Zizkov (2-1) and Sigma Olomouc (3-4).

Her first defeat after three games and with two victories and a tie, was
suffered by Slovakia. On Saturday, Mihal Kordulas team played at the
headquarters of Sigma Olomouc for the championship, against whom he
defeated 1-0. A goal in the 36th minute was also what the match saw.
Thus, it remains in the 15th and penultimate position, with 16 points,
and at -1 from its salvation. Two wins, five draws and six defeats in
the away games in all this years tournaments. In the previous rounds, he
excluded Orliki (1-1, 4-5 in the penalty shootout), Lambem (0-2) and
Victorian Plzen (2-3 in the lead).

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.93) 2.5 小分(0.93)